RULE 070.00.97-011 - Regulation 64 - Prescription Transfers

RULE 070.00.97-011. Regulation 64 - Prescription Transfers


A. The transfer of original prescription information for a legend drug or a controlled substance listed in Schedules III, IV, or V for the purpose of refill dispensing is permissible between pharmacies on a one-time basis only. However, pharmacies electronically sharing a real-time, on-line database may transfer up to the maximum refills permitted by law and the prescriber's authorization. Transfers are subject to the following requirements:

(1) The transfer is communicated directly between two licensed pharmacists and the transferring pharmacist records the following information:

(a) Write the word "Void" on the face of the invalidated prescription.

(b) Record on the reverse of the invalidated prescription the name, address, and DEA registration number of the pharmacy to which it was transferred and the name of the pharmacist receiving the prescription information.

(c) Record the date of the transfer and the name of the pharmacist transferring the information.

B. The pharmacist receiving the transferred prescription information shall reduce to writing the following:

(1) Write the word "transfer" on the face of the transferred prescription.

(2) Provide all information required to be on a prescription pursuant to 21 CFR 1306.05 and include:

(a) date of issuance of original prescription;

(b) original number of refills authorized on original prescription;

(c) date of original dispensing;

(d) number of valid refills remaining and date(s) and locations of previous refill(s);

(e) pharmacy's name, address, DEA registration number and prescription number from which the prescription information was transferred;

(f) name of pharmacist who transferred the prescription.

(3) The original and transferred prescription(s) must be maintained for a period of two years from the date of last refill.

(C) Pharmacies electronically accessing the same prescription record must satisfy all information requirements of a manual mode for prescription transfer.


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