RULE 075.00.19-001 - Amendment 201-1957 - Age of Members - How Established

RULE 075.00.19-001. Amendment 201-1957 - Age of Members - How Established

201 - 1957 (5) - Age of Members - How Established

Effective with retirements commencing on or after July 1, 2011, proof of age must be provided by the member directly to APERS before a benefit can be paid. Employer certification of a member's age will not be accepted. One of any of the following documents shall be accepted as proof of age:

1. Birth Certificate,

2. Baptismal or other church records issued before age 5,

3. U.S. Census Report issued 1920 or before,

4. Social Security document other than application for Social Security Number that states age or date of birth recognized by SSA,

5. A valid United States passport or

6. A valid Arkansas Enhanced Security Driver License.

For the following, any combination of two that agree:

1. Marriage license,

2. Insurance policy issued at least 10 years prior to current date,

3. Family Bible,

4. Military discharge,

5. Child's birth certificate,

6. Application for Social Security Number,

7. Birth certificate issued at date when person was older than age 5 when certified by the appropriate administering agency.

(6/24/2019 Amended by Arkansas Register Volume XLIII Number 1, Effective 7/4/2019)

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