RULE 076.00.17-001 - Commission Regulation 11.5

RULE 076.00.17-001. Commission Regulation 11.5


11.5 Post-license education requirements

(a) Each salesperson and broker will complete a post-license education course as provided herein.

(b) Salespersons shall complete an eighteen (18) classroom hour salesperson course.

(c) Brokers shall complete the thirty (30) classroom hour broker course developed by the Commission.

(d) All post-license education courses shall be conducted by either the Arkansas Real Estate Commission, a school or organization licensed by the Commission, or post-secondary school accredited by a nationally recognized accrediting agency approved by the U.S. Department of Education wherever situated. All post-license education hours shall be conducted by actual classroom attendance.

(e) The Arkansas Real Estate Commission will establish the course content for the post-license education courses for new salespersons and brokers.

(f) The broker or salesperson shall deliver to the Commission the original certificate of completion of the post-license education course, or a copy thereof, from an approved provider, or other documentation satisfactory to the Commission. Said documentation must be received by the Commission no later than the end of the month six (6) months following the date of the broker's or salesperson's initial license. If documentation of an individual's post-license education is not received by the Commission within said time period, the license will be placed on inactive status until the broker or salesperson files satisfactory documentation of his completion of said post-license education course.

(g) A broker who is initially licensed in that capacity cannot become an executive broker or principal broker until such broker has completed and filed satisfactory documentation of his completion of the post-license broker education course. However, the Commission my temporarily waive this requirement for a real estate broker who has submitted proof of enrollment in an upcoming course acceptable to the Commission.


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