RULE 092.00.96-001 - Arkansas Veterinary Medical Examining Board Regulations

RULE 092.00.96-001. Arkansas Veterinary Medical Examining Board Regulations



(Adopted: 8/8/81)

(Amended: 3/6/96)


5. The schedule for license and permit fees shall be as follows:

A. Application fee by Exam shall be 100.00, which shall be paid at the time of the filing of the application for license. An additional fee is required if taking the National Board Examination and/or Clinical Competency Test in Arkansas. The payment for these exams (State Board, National Board and CCT) should be received 30 days prior to the exam dates.

B. Application fee by endorsement shall be $100.00.

C. Annual renewal of license shall be $100.00 for veterinarians practicing either full-time or part-time within the State, and $25.00 for inactive license renewal for veterinarians not engaged in the practice of veterinary medicine in Arkansas. A veterinarian CANNOT practice in Arkansas with an inactive license.

D. Delinquent renewal fee shall be $100.00, and shall be due on all renewal and corporate practice applications received after the postmarked date of April 1st each year.

E. Temporary permit shall be $50.00.

F. Corporate practice application fee shall be $35.00; annual renewal fee for corporate practice shall be $10.00.

G. Re-issuance of license certificate shall be $10.00. Requests must be in writing.

H. All fees are non-refundable.


(Adopted: 12/1/76)

(Amended: 3/6/96)

7. The minimum standards for continuing veterinary medical education shall be a condition precedent to the renewal of a license. It shall be as follows:

A. Veterinarians are required to earn 20 credit hours each year before becoming eligible for license renewal. Veterinarians with both a general and specialty license are required to earn 20 credit hours for each license.

B. No more than five (5) hours accepted in the areas of practice management, business seminars, veterinary computer education and veterinary videos. Ten (10) hours must be in the area of veterinary medicine and surgery. Veterinarians may earn up to four (4) hours of credit for visitation with a colleague (not associated with his/her practice) at the facility of that colleague. One hour (1) of credit will be given for each local district meeting (not to exceed four hours per year without approval of the board prior to license renewal).

C. Credit hours may be earned as follows: one hour credit for each hour of attendance at in-depth seminars such as seminars sponsored by AVMA, AAHA, state associations, academies, schools of veterinary medicine, etc.

D. Each veterinarian and/or veterinary technician must keep a record of credit hours earned. Each year he/she will be required to certify as to the number of credit hours earned on a form to be provided by the Board. The form will be mailed to each veterinarian and veterinary technician at the time of annual renewal.

E. Veterinarians and/or veterinary technicians unable to earn credits because of sickness or other justifiable reasons may, at the discretion of the Board, be exempt from all or part of the credit requirements.

F. Veterinary Technicians are required to earn four (4) credit hours each year before becoming eligible for license renewal.


(Adopted: 12/1/76)

(Amended: 3/6/96)

19. Unprofessional Conduct as provided for by the Arkansas Code Annotated 17-101-305 and 17-101-308 shall consist of any of the following acts:

A. To tender or receive a commission or fee for referral of a patient without disclosing to the client the fact that a commission or fee was tendered or received.

B. A veterinarian may not procure, encourage or otherwise aid and abet an unlicensed person to engage in the practice of veterinary medicine.

C. To sign or otherwise validate any health certificate without actually, physically inspecting the animal. A health certificate must be dated as of time of examination.

D. For any veterinarian to write or allow his name and title as Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, or the name of his hospital or clinic, to be used to promote the sale of any proprietary remedies, foods, equipment or animals.

E. To violate any laws or regulations of either the State of Arkansas or the United States relating to prescription drugs or controlled substances.

F. For a veterinarian to undertake the care of an animal and thereafter fail to render the care as generally accepted by the veterinary profession, to the best of his/her ability either through design or neglect.

G. To guarantee a cure.

H. To make false or deceptive statements that belittle the knowledge or injure the professional standing of another member of the profession or that unnecessarily condems the character of his professional acts; provided, however, that nothing herein should be construed to prohibit any truthful, nondeceptive statements, including, but not limited to, truthful, nondeceptive comparative advertising.

I. The habitual or excessive use of intoxicants or drugs.

J. Aiding or abetting the practice of veterinary medicine by a person not licensed by the Board. This shall include the practice of any veterinarian from knowingly selling or distributing any pharmaceutical drug labeled "For use by or on the order of a licensed veterinarian" or biologicals for the purpose of ultimate resale by someone other than a licensed veterinarian. Improper use of these products constitute a danger to the public health.

K. Failure to meet continuing educational requirements within any renewal period.

L. Being guilty of any dishonorable or unethical conduct likely to deceive, defraud or harm the public.

M. Refusing to permit the board or any legal representative of the board to inspect the business premises of the licensee during regular business hours.

N. Obtaining or attempting to obtain any fee, charge, tuition or other compensation by fraud, deception or misrepresentation.

O. Conduct reflecting unfavorably upon the profession of veterinary medicine.

P. Substance abuse or diversion of pharmaceuticals or materials from veterinary practice to human use.


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