RULE 120.00.05-001 - Section III: Provisional License

RULE 120.00.05-001. Section III: Provisional License

III. Provisional License: (Section 17-103-303)

A. Upon application and satisfactory documentation of all requirements, the Board may issue a provisional license for the practice of social work to an applicant for licensure as a licensed social worker or a licensed master social worker. Provisional licensure as a Licensed Certified Social Worker is prohibited. Applicants for licensure as a Licensed Certified Social Worker will be provisionally licensed as a Licensed Master Social Worker.

B. The provisional license will be issued only one time per person and cannot be renewed.

C. The provisional license shall be effective from date of issuance and will expire exactly one year from date of issuance.

D. An individual holding a provisional license must take the social work examination at least one time during the first six months of provisional licensure and one time during the second six months of provisional licensure.

E. An applicant must apply to the Identification Bureau of the Arkansas State Police for a state and national criminal background check before being issued a provisional license.

F. The provisional license shall automatically be revoked if the information from the Identification Bureau of the Arkansas State Police reveals that the applicant has pleaded guilty or nolo contendere to, or been found guilty of any offense listed in A.C.A. 17-103-307(f). An expunged record shall not be considered a conviction, guilty plea, or nolo contendere plea to the offense unless the offense is listed in A.C.A. 17-103-307(m) (2).


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