RULE 155.00.03-001 - Section 5-3: Practice after Registration

RULE 155.00.03-001. Section 5-3: Practice after Registration


5-1 Practice of Geology

(1) The Act does not prohibit one or more geologists from practicing through the medium of a sole proprietorship, partnership or corporation. In a partnership or corporation whose primary activity consists of geological services, at least one partner or officer shall be a registered geologist.

(2) The Act does not prevent or prohibit an individual, firm, company, association or corporation whose principal business is other than the public practice of geology from employing a non-registered geologist to perform nonpublic geological services necessary to the conduct of their business.

(3) Furthermore, the Act shall not be construed to prevent or to affect:

(a) The practice of any profession or trade for which a license is required under any other law of this State.

(b) The practice of professional geology by a person not a resident of and having no established place of business in this State, when such practice does not exceed in the aggregate more than ninety (90) days in any calendar year, and provided such person is duly licensed or registered to practice such profession in another state where the requirements for a Certificate of Registration or license are not lower than those specified in the Act for obtaining the registration required for such work, and provided further that such nonresident shall file with the Board, on or before entering the State for commencing such work, a statement giving his name, residence, the number of his license or Certificate of Registration, and by what authority issued, and upon completion of the work, a statement of the time engaged in such work within the State.

5-2 Use of Seal

All drawings, reports, plats, or other geologic papers or documents involving the public geologic work as defined in the Act which shall have been prepared or approved by a registered geologist or a subordinate employee under his direction for the use of or for delivery to any person or for public record within this State shall be signed by him and impressed with said seal or the seal of a nonresident practicing under the provisions of the Act, either of which shall indicate his responsibility for them.

5-3 Roster of Registered Geologists

A roster of registered geologists will be posted on the Board's website bi-annually. The Secretary shall publish a roster showing the names and places of business of all registered geologists. Copies of this roster may be mailed to each person so registered upon request, and will be placed on file with the Secretary of State, and furnished to the public upon request and payment of an at-cost fee established by the Board. An addendum with any new registrants and all changes with existing registrants may be sent out annually to each person that is registered upon request and will be provided to the Secretary of State bi-annually.

5-4 Address Change

Each person who is an applicant for registration, a geologist-in-training, or a holder of a Certificate of Registration from the Board shall notify the Board at its Little Rock, office within sixty (60) days of any and all changes giving both his old and new address and telephone number.


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