RULE 159.00.02-001 - AR 7.30 - Furlough Program

RULE 159.00.02-001. AR 7.30 - Furlough Program


I. AUTHORITY. The Board of Corrections is vested with the authority to promulgate this regulation by Ark. Code Ann. 12-27-105, 16-93-1203, and 16-93-1205.

II. APPLICABILITY. To DCC employees and residents.

III. POLICY. The DCC will provide for the furlough of a resident to a designated sponsor when a critical illness and/or death occurs to a member of the residents immediate family or when a resident has been approved for community transition activities away from the Community Correction Center (CCC).


A. Community Transition Furlough. A temporary release of an individual resident to allow him or her to perform certain approved activities that will aid in a successful transition to community life.

B. Critical Illness. An illness from which the individual may not survive under normal circumstances and/or from which death is imminent within a matter of days.

C. Furlough. The authorized temporary release of a resident from a CCC.

D. Immediate Family. The father or stepfather, mother or stepmother, sister or stepsister, brother or stepbrother, spouse, child or stepchild, grandparent, grandchild, aunt, uncle, mother-in-law, father-in-law of a resident, and other person whose relationship with the resident has been verified as that of a guardian.

E. Sponsor. A responsible individual approved by the Center Supervisor to supervise a resident according to the terms of a furlough.


A. The director may establish furlough programs for emergency situations and for activities which help residents transition to the community. A furlough shall require an approved sponsor.

1. Emergency Furloughs. The director may authorize emergency furloughs not to exceed 36 hours when there is a verified critical illness and/or death of a family member and the residents suitability for release is determined before granting the emergency furlough.

2. Community Transition Furloughs. The director may authorize community transition furloughs not to exceed 48 hours each to allow residents to perform certain approved activities that will aid in successful transition to community life.

B. The director must establish procedures for implementing this regulation to include, but not limited to, rules/conditions of resident release on furlough and requirements for sponsors to include supervision, transportation, and timely return of the furloughed resident.

C. Generally, DCC will not assume costs associated with furloughs.

D. Furlough criteria must be made accessible to residents and explained during orientation.

Board Approval Date: 11/15/01


Effective Date: 01/31/02


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