RULE 169.00.97-002 - Department of Information Systems Rules

RULE 169.00.97-002. Department of Information Systems Rules

RULE 1. Information Technology planning for the state will encompass two distinct but related planning areas: a state information technology plan and individual agency biennial information technology plans. Key aspects of the planning effort are to identify the information technology objectives and how those objectives support State and agency missions, how they achieve or enhance electronic access to records, information, and services, and how they promote efficient sharing of information throughout state government.

Agencies must develop and implement an information technology planning process that supports the state information technology plan and complements the biennial budgeting cycle. Where appropriate, in addition to an overall agency perspective, agency plans should reflect individualized plans for agency components, e.g. divisions, offices, etc. and should provide a coordinating structure for the complete agency.

This rule relates to ACA 25-4-110.

RULE 2. Agencies will work with the Department of Information Systems (DIS) to implement a robust business decision process regarding information technology. This process should address agency needs, service sources, and strategic implications of the agency initiatives. When an initiative impacts multiple agencies or information is to be shared across agencies, all affected agencies should be involved in the process.

DIS is prepared to assist the agency in determining the appropriate course of action and to address related strategic implications. The Office of Information Technology (OIT) will act as a coordinating focal point for the agency to ensure appropriate strategic implications, service providers, and agencies are included in the business decision process.

This rule relates to ACA 25-4-102, ACA 25-4-109, ACA 25-4-111, ACA 25-4-112, and AC A 25-4-114.

INTRODUCTION-Under the provisions of "The Arkansas Information Systems Act of 1997, Act 914, and'codified as Arkansas Code.Annotated (ACA), Section 25, Chapter 4, the Department of Information Systems (DIS), the Office of Information Technology (OIT), and the Rules and Regulations Working Group encourage partnerships based on one fundamental principle: all parties are responsible for maintaining a flexible and responsive information management environment within Arkansas government. The collective efforts of DIS, partners, and working groups will provide a flexible framework for state and agency planners reflective of the state's needs and of an evolving infrastructure. As stewards of the information upon which decisions are based, we recognize the importance of the quality, accuracy, and availability of information to the citizens, industries, and businesses of Arkansas.

The following rules foster cooperation and coordination between DIS and other state agencies. The limited number of rules demonstrates a firm commitment and willingness to manage the state's information resources in an efficient and equitable manner. These rules emphasize a cooperative planning process rather than procurement details. They provide the flexibility needed in government and encourage efficient use of resources to benefit the citizens of the state.


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