RULE 169.00.98-002 - Grant Rules - 3/24/98

RULE 169.00.98-002. Grant Rules - 3/24/98

INTRODUCTION-Under the provisions of "The Arkansas Information Systems Act of 1997", Act 914, and codified as Arkansas Code Annotated (ACA), Section 25, Chapter 4, the Department of Information Systems (DIS) is charged with setting policies by regulation, reviewing applications, and recommending projects to the Governor for consideration for award of grant or loan funds from available sources, including the Telecommunications and Information Technology Fund, for the continued development and enhancement of educational opportunities, medical care services, and government operations throughout the State of Arkansas through the use of the state telecommunication network employing advanced telecommunications and information technology.

RULE 1. Office of Information Technology (OIT) will establish and maintain criteria for grant and loan applications. These criteria will address: funding sources, eligibility of applicants, eligible projects, format, content, scope, constraints, goals, and other relevant aspects.

RULE 2. OIT will establish procedures for reviews, evaluations, and recommendations regarding grant and'loan applications. These procedures will provide for a recurring grant and loan application cycle based upon the availability of funds, applicant need, and other appropriate factors.

RULE 3. OIT will develop and implement processes and procedures to disburse funds and monitor projects in accordance with grant and loan funding legislation and other pertinent directives.

These rules relate to ACA 25-4-105(10).


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