RULE 186.00.02-001 - Solid Waste District Truck Tire Recycling Fee

RULE 186.00.02-001. Solid Waste District Truck Tire Recycling Fee


Subchapter 1 Fees.

§ 1.01 Authority Ark. Code Ann. § 8-9-404(a)(2)(B) authorizes Regional Solid Waste Management Districts to impose an additional fee on the sale of the new truck tires.

§ 1.02 Waste Tire Fees

(a) Truck Tire Recycling Fee - The District hereby imposes an additional fee of Three Dollars and Twenty-Five Cents ($3.25) per tire on the retail sale of each new Truck Tire in the District. As used herein, "Truck Tire" includes all tires with a rim size of Nineteen and One-Half Inches (19.5") or larger.

(b) Collection of Fee - The Truck Tire Recycling Fee shall be collected by all retail sellers of tires located in any county within the District. Such fee shall be charged to the person who purchases a Truck Tire. All fees collected shall be submitted with the monthly report to the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration.

(c) Other Waste Tire Fees - The Truck Tire Recycling Fee described above is in addition to the waste tire fees described in Ark. Code Ann. § 8-9-404(a)(2)(A). All waste tire fees otherwise prescribed by law are unaffected by this Regulation.


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