RULE 001.01.79-002 - Transportation of Persons by Vanpools

RULE 001.01.79-002. Transportation of Persons by Vanpools

Rule 16.7. Vanpools are defined as a voluntary association of workers who share the expense of commuting from their homes or close proximity of their homes to places of employment in a ride sharing program, and are subject to the following rules:

(a). Vanpools shall be owned or leased and operated by;

(1). An employer for the benefit of the company and ride sharing of employees,

(2). Employees for their benefit of ride sharing.

(b) Vanpools shall be operated on a share-the expense basis (non-profit).

(c). Drivers of vanpool vehicles shall be qualified and licensed by the State of Arkansas to operate a vanpool vehicle.

(d). Each vanpool vehicle shall contain proof of liability and property damage insurance in the amount as specified in Rule 13.1.

(e). Vanpool vehicles shall not be used to provide transportation to persons who are not members of the vanpool and who would otherwise use the services of a regular route carrier of passengers.

IT IS ORDERED, that said Rule 16.7 shall be, and the same shall become effective immediately upon entry of this order.


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