RULE 002.00.70-002 - Code Book Regulations: 002.00.70-002

RULE 002.00.70-002. Code Book Regulations: 002.00.70-002

It shall be unlawful for any person, firm, partnership or corporation to engage in raising any fish in confinement in any of the public waters of the state without first registering with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Any such undertaking shall be operated under the same regulations as those governing fish farmers.

PENALTY: $50.00 - $500.00


It shall be unlawful for any non-resident to fish for commercial purposes, or to assist in commercial fishing except in the St. Francis River where it is the boundary line between Arkansas and Missourij in the Red River where it's south bank is the boundary line between Arkansas and Texas; and in the Mississippi River and adjacent state-line lakes between Arkansas and Tennessee, and Arkansas and Mississippi, Sport fishing license required in addition to tackle license;

PENALTY: $50.00 - $300.00


It shall be unlawful to take wild turkeys with the use or aid of rifles, dogs, bait, or live decoys.

PENALTY: $100.00 - $500.00


It shall be unlawful to take deer by the use of any rim-fire rifle, or'any full metal case or military rifle ammunition. .4-10 shotgun legal with rifled slugs only.

PENALTY: $50.00 - $300i00


It shall be unlawful to take game fish, including catfish, by gigging. Scaled rough fish may be taken in all waters by gigging^ for personal use only, from December 1, through May 31 only, and from sunrise until sunset only, with the following exceptions: From Oct. 1 through Jan. 31, scaled rough fish may be gigged on Devil's Fork of Little Red River above Greers Ferry Lake, starting at the Junction of Raccoon Greek and Beech Fork Creek upstream on both forks, and on South Sylamore Creek from Hwy. 14- bridge upstream, and time for such gigging is limited to the period from sunrise until midnight; scaled rough fish may be taken by gig, spear, bow and arrow, and underwater diving gear with spear guns during the entire year from sunrise until sunset in the following waters only: Lakes Norfork, Bull Shoals, Table Rock, Blue Mountain, Nimrdd, Ouachita, Hamilton, Catherine, Greeson, Greers Ferry, Conway, Harris Brake, Beaver, Millwood, Erling, and all impoundments created by locks and dams on the Arkansas River.

One half the daily limit of all species of game fish may be taken from the above named lakes only, by spear guns only, from sunrise until sunset only, and from June 15 through March 15 only. These fish apply on the total daily limit and may not be cleaned or dressed before reaching shore of lakes. Diver exeroising^these,.privileges must fly a standard diver's flag on his boat or fother'^flotation. .; This flag is square, red, and has a white diagonal stripe and'diver mu£t'' stay within a 300 foot radius of this flag,

PENALTY: $25.00 - $2j0.00


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