RULE 002.00.85-002 - Code Book Regulations: 002.00.85-002

RULE 002.00.85-002. Code Book Regulations: 002.00.85-002

Illegally-raken mussel shells, furs, pelts, game, and fish shall be seized and, if salable, shall be sold and the proceeds therefrom placed in the Game Protection Fund, If not salable, edible game and fish shall be given to a charitable institution, a non-profit organization, public school lunches, or to needy persons approved by a wildlife officer. Deer killed by motor vehicles shall, if edible, be disposed of in the same manner.

Seizure of tackie and/or equipment - Any unlicensed or illegal tackle, traps or any device In violation of Commission Regulations shall be seized by Wildlife Officers and disposed of according to Com/nission Code,


01.00-E Wildlife, or parts thereof, taken in violation of State Laws or regulations and transported across statelines is a violation of Federal Laws.

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02.15 -BEAR CHECKING REQUIREMENTS, It shall be .03-82 unlawful to fail to check any bear taken within 24 hours at an official check station or with a Commission employee and provide infopfiiation for checking before removing from the zone where taken-penalty: $50.00 to $300.00.


03-82 It shall be unlawful to hunt any wildlife* OP to accompany or assist anyone in hunting wildlifei during a declared bear season in areas open to bear hunting without wearing an outer garment* above the waistline* of fluorescent blaze orange (hunter orange) totaling at least 400 square inches* and a fluorescent blaze orange head garment must be visibly worn on the head. penalty: $25-00 to $250.00.


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