RULE 004.00.94-016 - AR 103 - Offenders Commissaries

RULE 004.00.94-016. AR 103 - Offenders Commissaries

DCP 2.3

DOC 103 Offenders Commissaries


The Board of Correction and Community Punishment is vested with the authority to promulgate Administrative Regulations by Act 50 of 1968, Extraordinary Session, as amended; Acts 548 and 549 of 1993, regular Session (Ark. Code Ann. ยง 16-93-1203 and 12-27-105 of 1993).


To describe the fiscal operation of the offender commissaries and to require pricing policies and procedures.


To the Board of Correction and Community Punishment, wardens/center supervisors/administrators, and all employees involved in the authorization and operation of facility commissaries.


It shall be the policy of the Department of Correction/Community Punishment to provide facility commissary operations.


A. Commissary - A store established within a facility where food and supplies are sold.

B. Offender Assistance/Welfare Fund - a self-supporting enterprise financed and operated through sales to offenders and employees; residual equity of the fund being used to provide benefits to offenders not ordinarily provided by tax revenues.

C. Offenders: Persons sentenced to the Department of Correction or to the Department of Correction for judicial transfer to the Department of Community Punishment or confined in a community punishment center as a condition of probation, suspended imposition of sentence or post prison transfer.


A. Establishment

Each facility shall establish a commissary for offender use.

1. Items sold in the facility commissaries must be indicated on the Standardized Commissary Items listing and be approved by the warden/center supervisor.

B. Fiscal Operations

1. Commissary pricing policies shall be established by the Board of Correction and Community Punishment.

a. Upon approval, a copy of the appropriate administrative directive(s) shall be forwarded to each facility for posting.

2. The net profit from items sold in the facility commissaries is to be placed in the Offender Assistance/Welfare Fund and expended for the benefit of the offender population under guidelines established by the Board of Correction and Community Punishment.

3. No goods can be sold on credit or consignment.

4. A monthly inventory will be taken within guidelines of the Administrative Services Division.

Facility commissaries are to be kept clean and orderly.

The warden/center supervisor of each facility shall publish procedures relative to commissary operations and privileges.


ACA Standard 3-4042; 3-4159

Board Approval Date: 2/17/94

Reference: AD 91:28

Effective Date: 3/10/94

Supersedes: DCP 2.3

Dated: 1/19/94 12/04/91


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