RULE 004.00.99-003 - AR 220: Re-employment

RULE 004.00.99-003. AR 220: Re-employment

220 Re-employment

I. POLICY OF THE DEPARTMENT: To allow people, who have resigned or have been terminated, an opportunity to be reconsidered for employment with the Department of Correction.


A. This policy is designed to allow a person to provide credible explanation of changes in the circumstances which caused the initial separation of employment with the Department of Correction.

B. Each Unit Warden/Center Supervisor/Administrator/and Central Personnel shall ensure that rehire procedures are complied with as outlined in the Administrative Regulations.


A. Before a former employee may be considered for employment, the individual must submit Rehire Form (F-220-1) to Central Personnel Office.

B. Central Personnel will coordinate the review of all rehire applications and related previous work records to determine the following:

1. Reason(s) employee terminated employment with the Department of Correction.

2. Recommendations, awards, certificates, reprimands, and training/education received while employed at the Department of Correction.

3. Recommendations regarding rehire request from Unit Warden/Center Supervisor/Administrator of the Unit/Center/Division where he/she formerly worked.

C. Information obtained in section III, item B, above will be forwarded to the desired unit/center/division of employment.

D. The Warden/Center Supervisor/Administrator of the desired unit/center/division will review the rehire request and previous employment information and notify Central Personnel of any decision to approve or deny rehire request.

E. In the event of an approval of the rehire request, Central Personnel will forward all documents and information to the Director for review and final action. The Director will give written notification of his/her decision to the Personnel Manager, who will in turn notify the Warden/Center Supervisor/ Administrator of the decision.

F. In the event of rehire, previous employment/ termination dates will not change. Anniversary dates will be based on the effective date of rehire.

Board of Correction Approval Date: 6/21/88

Attorney General Review Date: 6/21/88

Date Filed Secy, of State: 7/20/88

Supersedes: 220

Dated: 10/15/82


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