RULE 033.00.87-002 - Amendment to Rules and Regulations

RULE 033.00.87-002. Amendment to Rules and Regulations


All applications for a contractors license in the State of Arkansas must be filed in one of three categories;

(1.) individual,

(2.) partnership,

(3.) corporation. Each application must be supported by a qualifying party, who has satisfactorily completed such examination as may be required by the Board, prior to being issued a certificate to engage in contracting in the State of Arkansas. Anyone failing to pass such examination may be reexamined at any regular examination period, upon payment of proper fee. A qualifying party is defined to be (1.) the individual filing application, (2.) a partner of the partnership, or (3.) an officer of the corporation, who is actively engaged in the day to day activities of the company. Should the qualifying party leave a licensed entity, written notice shall be made within fifteen (15) days to the Contractors Licensing Board stating name, position of party to qualify at the earliest examination period, not to exceed ninety (90) days. Any license not renewed within one year of expiration shall be required to requalify by examination process, as may be required at the time.


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