RULE 034.00.78-002 - Amendments

RULE 034.00.78-002. Amendments


SIGNAGE DEFINITIONS - page VI-8-1: The following definitions shall be included within the Master Elan following the Signage Relatedness Criteria 'which immediately follows "Scope" within the Master Plan as amended.

The following are definitions of terms as they are used in this ordinance. Any term not contained within this list shall be construed to be used in this ordinance as defined in the latest edition of Webster's Unabridged Dictionary.

1) Abandoned Sign: Any sign which does not have a sign permit or is not properly tagged as required by this ordinance; or which has not been maintained as required by this ordinance or for which no owner can be found.

2) Amortization Period: That period of time allowed for nonconforming or prohibited signs to be removed or brought into conformity with this ordinance.

3) Animated Sign: Any sign which incorporates in any manner visible mechanical movement, or apparent movement achieved by electrical pulsations or by other means, such as sequential light phasing.

4) Building: Any structure having a roof supported by columns or walls for the housing or enclosure of persons, animals, or chattels. When any portion is separated by a division wall, without openings, then each such portion shall be deemed a separate building.

5) Canopy Sign: Any sign attached to and extending under a canopy.

6) Construction Sign: A temporary sign at a construction site advertising' construction work in progress.

7) Delivery Sign: A wall mounted sign identifying entry or delivery points to other than residential uses.

8) Facade Area: The area of a single building elevation which encompassess all of such elevation from ground or grade level to the top, and from one side to the other side of the building.

9) Footlambert: The average brightness of any surface, or the uniform brightness of a perfectly diffusing surface, emitting or reflecting one lumen per square foot. Footlamberts are measured with an exposure meter equipped with a footlambert scale.

10) Graphics: Pure pictorial material which has no commercial message or informational value.

11) Ground Mounted Sign: Any sign which uses no building or structure other than, or in addition to, its own for support.

12) Illumination, Indirect: Illumination in which the light source Itself is not visible from the street or adjacent property.

13) Industrial Land Use: Those uses of land for industrial purposes.

14) Marquee Sign: A wall sign mounted on a permanent roof-like projection over the entry to an establishment.

15) Non-conforming Sign: A sign which existed prior to passage of this ordinance or existed prior to inclusion within the Capitol Zoning District, and does not conform to the provisions.

16) Off Premise Sign: A commercial advertising structure which advertising business, product, or service, not on or offered on the premise on which subject sign is located.

17) On Premise Sign: An accessory sign which advertises a business, product, or services, on or offered on the premise on which subject sign is located.

18) Parking Directional Sign: A sign indicating the entrance to or exit from a permanent off-street parking lot.

19) Parking Regulation Sign: A sign stating the regulations for the use of a permanent off-street parking lot.

20) Permanent Sign: All signs other than those defined as temporary signs by this ordinance.

21) Political Campaign Sign: Any sign which makes known the name of, or information on a person running for a political office or any other information concerning a political campaign or any participant.

22) Prohibited Sign: Signs which are not allowed within the Capitol Zoning District or its areas or sub-areas. (See Section 44 -8)

23) Projecting Sign: Any sign supported from the face of a building and which any portion thereof extends from the wall more than eighteen (18) inches.

24) Public Informational Sign: Signs which serve the public in. identification and notification of a use or service, or provide information of importance to the public. The intent of this type of sign is to provide information rather than to advertise commercial services, examples, signs indicating restrooms, or hours of operation.

25) Real- Estate Sign: A temporary sign denoting the sale, rental or lease of property. .

26) Roof Sign: Any sign extending or located on or above a roof. (A vertical, surface of a mansard roof shall be considered as a wall rather than a roof.)

27) Service or Product Advertising Sign: A sign designed to advertise products, services, sales and special events.

28) Sign: Any letter, figure, design, symbol, trademark or device mounted or otherwise placed and intended to be visible from the outside of a building, for display as an advertisement, announcement, notice, directional matter or name.

29) Sign Alteration: Any structural change or change in height or area of a sign. This does not include normal Maintenance of a sign, or changing of the copy on a sign.

30) Sign Area: That area enclosed by one continuous line, connecting the extreme points or edges of a sign. The area shall be determined using the largest sign area or silhouette visible at any time from any one point. This area does not include the main supporting sign structure but all other ornamental attachments, inner connecting links, etc. which are not a part of the main supports of the sign, are to be included in determining sign area.

31) Sign Height: The vertical dimension from ground level at the base of the sign structure to the top (uppermost point) of the sign structure.

32) Sign Owner: That person who owns a sign and who is responsible for such. In those cases in which the sign owner cannot be determined, the owner of the property on which the sign is located shall be responsible for the sign.

33) Sign Permit: A permit required for the erection, relocation or other alteration of a sign.

34) Sign Permit Tag: A tag issued in conjunction with a sign permit which shall be affixed to the sign in such a manner as to be visible from the adjacent street right-of-way.

35) Sign Setback; That lineal distance measured horizontally and in feet from property lines to the nearest edge of a sign.

36) Street: Any road, thoroughfare, highway, or such used by the public as a traveled way.

37) Street Frontage: The lineal distance measured horizontally and in feet along that portion of a property adjacent to a street.

38) Subdivision Sign: A sign denoting the entrance/exit to a subdivision.

39) Temporary Sign: Those signs listed in Section 44 -7 of this ordinance.

40) Time and -Temperature Sign: An electronically controlled sign which provides such information as time and temperature, but which does not appear to move in any manner.

41) Vehicular Sign: Any sign on any mode of transportation, including but not limited to car, bus, truck, train, boat, airplane or trailer (provided that the trailer is not designed or used primarily as an advertising device).

42) Wall Sign: Any sign affixed directly to or painted on or otherwise inscribed on any exterior portion of a building and confined within the limits of the building and which projects

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