RULE 063.00.09-002 - Rule 4: Facility Requirements

RULE 063.00.09-002. Rule 4: Facility Requirements



1. General Requirements

a. Must be a building permanently affixed and anchored to a foundation system. A tent or temporary stand is not deemed permanent.

b. May not be shared with a residence or another business unrelated to motor vehicles.

c. Must have electrical service.

d. Must have adequate sanitary facilities (restroom).

e. New motor vehicle dealers license must be prominently displayed and in public view.

f. Hours of operation posted at the licensed facility must have hours of operation to include at a minimum of three (3) days per week for a continuous four (4) hours per day between 8 a.m. and 9 p.m.

g. Must have an office area capable of storing all transaction documents safely and in a manner to provide ease of access for inspection of these documents.

2. Facility Signage

a. A sign shall be permanently affixed on the premises of the facility.

b. The sign must be visible from the road and clearly and specifically identify the business.

3. Display Area

a. Must have a dedicated display area inside the building.

b. Display area must be a minimum of 120 square feet with enough dedicated space to display at least two (2) or more new motor vehicles.

4. Service and Parts Area

a. Must have a dedicated service and parts area inside the building.

b. Minimum 120 square feet of useable service area.

c. The area should be arranged with adequate space to repair and service at least one vehicle with access to tools, replacement parts, and service equipment.


1. Branch Name: The name used on signage at the branch location and in advertisements for the branch location may not include any portion of the franchise name used at the primary location and may not include product nameplates and/or logos.

2. Geographical Location: A new motor vehicle dealer may obtain a license to operate a branch location. The branch location must be within the dealer's relevant market area as defined in A.C.A. ยง 23-112-103, or within the market area specified in the licensee's franchise agreement whichever is greater.

3. Product Sold: Only used vehicles may be displayed and sold at the branch location. No new motor vehicles or demonstrators of any brand may be displayed or sold at the branch location.

4. Sales Facilities: There must be a permanent building from which sales are conducted. Records of sales transactions may be kept at the dealer's primary location.

5. Service Facilities: The branch location is not required to have service facilities on the premises.


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