RULE 069.00.02-002 - Chapter 5: Article IX - Prescribing of controlled substances

RULE 069.00.02-002. Chapter 5: Article IX - Prescribing of controlled substances

Section 1 - Arkansas optometrist licensed as optometric physician who applies for and possess a DEA number shall:

1. Prescribe schedules III, IV, and V controlled substances only.

2. Administer and prescribe controlled substances for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and conditions of the eye, lids, and adnexa.

3. Not sell any prescription medication including controlled substances.

4. Be responsible for knowing and abiding by all state and federal regulations pertaining to controlled substances with emphasis on the "Mid Level Practitioner's Manual", published by the DEA, and all State Board rules and regulations pertaining to controlled substances. Record the names and directions of prescribed controlled substances in the patient's record.

Section 2 -

1. Only optometrists certified as optometric physicians, and/or approved by the Board, shall apply for or possess a DEA number to prescribe controlled substances.

2. Optometrists not specifically approved by the Board to prescribe controlled substances:

1. Cannot apply for, obtain or posses a DEA number

2. Cannot prescribe controlled substances without being in violation of State and Federal laws.


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