RULE 088.00.15-002 - Rule 5-4: Investment Goals

RULE 088.00.15-002. Rule 5-4: Investment Goals


A.C.A. ยงยง 24-2-610-619

The overall goal is to achieve, over a period of years, the greatest rate of return for ATRS by balancing risk at a prudent investor level to grow and preserve capital sufficient to pay benefits to members.

The Board may adopt or amend by motion or resolution at any board meeting the ATRS investment policies, investment procedures, and investment asset allocation targets consistent with the Board's fiduciary obligations under the prudent investor rule. ATRS sets performance goals that are approved by the Board after considering recommendations by the General Consultant and ATRS staff.

Adopted: October 7, 2003

Approved by Board: October 5, 2015 Amended: February 1, 2016

Effective : February 10, 2016


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