RULE 132.00.15-001 - Specification S-9 The Basic Police Training Course

RULE 132.00.15-001. Specification S-9 The Basic Police Training Course

The minimum amount of training for which certification will be granted in the Basic Police Training Course shall be 520 hours.


1. Successful completion of a minimum of 520 hours of instruction at a certified training school.

2. The Commission will not accept satisfactory completion of the Basic Police Training Course unless the trainee has attained at least 70% in each academic block of instruction and attains a passing score of 80% on the Commission approved firearms course.

3. A minimum academic score of 70% on each examination administered in the course will be required for successful completion of the training program.

4. To be eligible for retention on a permanent basis an officer must satisfactorily complete a Basic Police Training Course or its equivalent within nine (9) months or with an approved extension, a total of twelve (12) months from the date of employment. Any requests for a three (3) month extension not received by the Commission prior to completion of the nine (9) month period will not be considered. (For exception, see Regulation 1008 (4).

The Commission may approve changes from the course content listed in this specification upon written application from a school director presenting evidence that such change is compatible with the public interest.


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