RULE 132.00.15-020 - Regulation 1016 Certification of Instructors

RULE 132.00.15-020. Regulation 1016 Certification of Instructors

(1) The Commission shall certify instructors deemed qualified to teach in one or more of the prescribed training courses. Certification will be in accordance with Specification S-16, Certification of Instructors.

(2) Certification - Instructors will be certified on a basis of minimum qualifications in the areas of education, training and experience. It shall be the responsibility of the school director/coordinators to see that instructors are assigned only topics which they are qualified to teach and are supervised on a regular basis to insure that instructional excellence is maintained.

(3) Firearms Instruction Certification - Firearms Instructor Certificates will be issued only to those persons who have satisfactorily completed a Commission approved Instructor Development Course, a Commission approved Firearms Instructor Course, and demonstrated instructional and range proficiency. Instructor Development shall be a prerequisite to take the Commission approved Firearms Instructor Course.

(4) Revocation of Instructor Certificate - Instructor certification may be revoked whenever an instructor is deemed by the Commission to be unqualified to continue teaching.


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