RULE 132.00.15-005 - Specification S-17 Police Traffic Radar Operators and Instructors

RULE 132.00.15-005. Specification S-17 Police Traffic Radar Operators and Instructors

This requirement supplements Regulation 1015 and is designed to increase the professionalism of those officers who operate police traffic radar for enforcement purposes.


1. An officer must have completed the Commission approved training for their appropriate level of certification before being eligible for certification as Police Traffic Radar Operator. ("Grandfathered" officers are exempt from this requirement.)

2. The Commission shall establish the minimum curriculum requirements for the Police Traffic Radar Operator Course

3. The Commission may issue a certificate evidencing satisfactory completion of the requirements when evidence is submitted by the law enforcement unit director, chief or sheriff that the police traffic radar operator or instructor has met the training requirements.

A pocket-size identification card shall also be provided. All certificates and identification cards remain the property of the Commission and the Commission shall have the power to revoke any certificate pursuant to regulation 1015(6).


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