RULE 132.00.15-032 - Specification S-4 High School Education

RULE 132.00.15-032. Specification S-4 High School Education

This Specification supplements Section 1002(3) (f) of the Regulations which require high school graduation or the equivalent as a minimum standard for employment or appointment.


1. Applicants for the position of a law enforcement officer must be high school graduates or have passed the General Education Development Test.


1. Applicants for the position of law enforcement officer under the Act will be required to furnish documentary evidence of one of the following:

(a) Graduation from a high school accredited by the Arkansas or other state's department of education.

(b) Successful completion of the General Development Test.

(1) Applicants may be required to obtain an Arkansas certificate at the discretion of the Commission.

2. Documentary evidence of the above shall consist of a copy of official transcripts, diplomas, or G.E.D. test report forms. In unusual circumstances the Commission may be requested to accept other documentation, and in such cases the decision of the Commission shall be final. Home schooling diplomas will not be accepted unless approved by the by the Commission.

3. Copies of documents used for verification will be retained by the employing agency and must be available for examination at any reasonable time by representatives of the Commission.


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