RULE 132.00.15-033 - Specification S-5 Physical Examination

RULE 132.00.15-033. Specification S-5 Physical Examination

This requirement supplements Section 1002(3) (g) of the Regulations. It is in keeping with the concept that in order to render proper service to the community, a law enforcement officer must be physically sound and free of any defect which might adversely affect the performance of duty. The officer's personal safety and the safety and lives of others will be endangered if these important physical qualifications are not met.


1. Medical examination administered by a licensed physician.

2. A medical history statement, Form F-2a or an equivalent Form will be supplied to the examining physician upon request. The medical history should include information on past diseases, injuries and operations. Commission Form F-2 or an equivalent Medical Examination Report should be utilized.

3. VISION-Applicant must be free of any visual defect which in the opinion of the examining physician would adversely affect the performance of duty.

(a) It is recommended that applicant possess normal color discrimination, normal depth perception and peripheral vision of at least 75 degrees in each eye.

(b) It is recommended that applicants possess uncorrected visual acuity of 20/100 or better in each eye, corrected to 20/20 in each eye, both at 16 inches and 0 feet. Vision correction, when required, may be either glasses or Contact lenses. Should have no active internal or external eye pathology. Should an eye pathology be found, the applicant should be referred to an appropriate practitioner.

(c) There should be no apparent eye deviation.

4. HEARING - Applicant must be free of any hearing defect which in the opinion of the examining physician would adversely affect the performance of duty:

(a) Hearing may be considered normal when a whispered conversation can be heard at 15 feet.

5. For all law enforcement officers employed under the Act, retention on a permanent basis by the employing unit will depend on the satisfactory results of the physical examination.

6. The physician's report after examination, must conclude and clearly state that, in his opinion, the applicant has the ability to physically perform the duties of a law enforcement officer in the State of Arkansas.


1. Completion of Medical History questionnaire by the applicant. (Form F-2a or equivalent form)

2. The physical examination will be conducted by a licensed physician after review of the applicant's Medical History questionnaire.

3. The physician shall record his findings and shall note for evaluation by the hiring authority, any past or present physical defects, diseases, injuries, operations or conditions of an abnormal or unusual nature. (Form F-2 or equivalent form should be used)

4. The examining physician should carefully consider the response to question 23 of the Medical Examination Report.

A department head should consider the form incomplete until question 23 is completed by the examining physician.


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