RULE 132.00.15-034 - Specification S-6 Personal Interview

RULE 132.00.15-034. Specification S-6 Personal Interview

This Specification supplements Section 1002(3) (h) of the Regulations. The personal interview is for the purpose of providing the applicant with the opportunity to discuss his goals and objectives with top management personnel within the department.

It also provides the department head or his staff the opportunity to observe an applicant to determine such things as the applicant's ability to communicate effectively and to observe his or her appearance, demeanor, and attitude.


An applicant will be personally interviewed by the department head or his representative prior to employment.


1. Verification of the personal interview may be indicated in the space provided on the backside of the Initial Employment Report, Form F-1, 32(h).

2. For the agencies' convenience, the Qualifications Appraisal Guide, Form F-11, is provided. It is not intended to replace any form used locally. It is offered only for those agencies that do not have such a document.

3. The interview should consist of, but not limited to, developing information in the following areas:


(1) Will the applicant's appearance, manner or bearing help or hinder in the job?

(2) Will the applicant be impressive when speaking or talking to the public or in court?

(3) Does the applicant appear to have the necessary motivation and incentive to save as a law enforcement officer?


(1) Will his or her ability to express themselves be adequate for this job?

(2) Is the applicant logical, convincing or persuasive?


(1) Is he or she at ease, friendly and confident?

(2) Will the applicant have the tact and adaptability necessary to deal with public offenses, irate citizens, coworkers, etc., under difficult conditions?

(3) Would he or she tend to be submissive, overbearing or impatient?


(1) Does he or she grasp ideas quickly or does the applicant appear to be slow to understand?

(2) Do his or her responses indicate they would be quick to understand the problems of the job or would he or she understand only the more obvious points?


(1) Does applicant consider all facts before reaching a decision?

(2) Will he or she know when to act and when to get more information before taking law enforcement action?

(3) Does the applicant know when a situation justifies departure from agency policy and when it doesn't?

(4) Would you trust his judgment?


(1) Will the applicant's background be suitable for the duties of a law enforcement officer?

(2) Has the applicant previously met all selection requirements?

(3) Has he or she met your minimum training requirements for the position?

(4) Is the applicant eligible for certification as a law enforcement officer in this state?


(1) After comparing the applicant with the above factors and other qualifications, would you select him/her for employment as a law enforcement officer in your department?

(2) To what extent does he or she meet your selection criteria?

(3) Personal interview verification will be retained by the employing agency and must be available for examination at any reasonable time by representatives of the Commission.


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