RULE 132.00.15-007 - Specification S-19 Certification of Field Training Officer

RULE 132.00.15-007. Specification S-19 Certification of Field Training Officer

The following requirements are intended to assure the Commission that Field Training officers meet minimal qualifications as to training and experience as authorized in Section 1014 of the Regulations. The actual evaluation and selection of the Field Training Officers will remain the responsibility of the department head. The department head is ultimately responsible for the quality of the instruction and training provided.



A minimum of three years of full time experience in law enforcement is required.


Possession of not less than the General Certificate.


New applicants for Field Training Officer certification will have completed a minimum of 32 hours of Commission approved classroom instruction including, but not limited to, the following topics:

(a) Communications

(b) Techniques of Instruction

(c) Evaluation of Training

(d) Trainee Motivation and Counseling

(e) Complete review of the forms and their purpose in the Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Training "Field Training Manual for Law Enforcement Recruits".


(a) The Field Training Officer's Certificate shall remain valid from the date of issue, unless recalled by the department head and returned to the Commission.

(b) A Field Training Officer Certificate will be transferable should the officer change agencies.

(c) The Field Training Officer Certificate will expire if the officer is separated from law enforcement for more than six (6) months.


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