RULE 159.00.17-004 - Rescind of AR 4.3 Weapons and Security Equipment

RULE 159.00.17-004. Rescind of AR 4.3 Weapons and Security Equipment


I. AUTHORITY. The Board of Corrections is vested with the authority to promulgate this administrative regulation by Ark. Code Ann. ยงยง 12-27-105, 16-93-1203, and 16-93-1205.

II. APPLICABILITY. This policy applies to Department of Community Correction (DCC) employees.

III. POLICY. It is the policy of the DCC to equip certain employees with the capability to function effectively across the force continuum by providing training and authorizing an assortment of weapons and equipment for employees charged with direct supervision of the offender population, and commensurate with assessed needs. In those instances where application of force is necessary to gain control of a situation, alternatives will be available to resolve conflicts with the least amount of injury to everyone involved.

IV. GENERAL PROCESS. The specific weapons and/or security equipment and/or training needs for categories of employees shall be assessed based upon specific functions and duties of employees, the nature of the environment, and offender populations supervised. The DCC Director shall establish an authorized list of weapons and security equipment. Combinations of equipment from the Director's approved list will be selected to allow tailoring employee responses to situations along the force continuum. An assortment of responses will improve opportunities to resolve conflict situations with the least application of force. Issue and use of sanctioned equipment shall be based on needs and training assessments and will be preceded by appropriate qualification, certification (where appropriate) and training. When approved by the Director, certified dogs and handlers may be borrowed from other agencies for drug detection.

V. REFERENCES. American Correctional Association (ACA) Standards for Adult Probation and Parole Field Services, 3rd Edition, standards 3-3087[P], 3-3089[P].

Board Approval Date: 05/30/02


Effective Date: 09/15/02


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