RULE 172.00.12-003 - Adult Education Funding Formula for adult basic academic education programs

RULE 172.00.12-003. Adult Education Funding Formula for adult basic academic education programs

20% of State Funds go towards Student Contact Hours:

* 3-year average of students' attendance hours for the last 3 full years of data

80% of State Funds go towards Program Performance based on a 3-year average of students who enrolled:

* 1.0-2.5 points - Educational Gains (Educational Functioning points are earned for each Level gain in each of the subject areas of Math, Reading, and/or Language)

* 0.5-1.5 point - Workforce Alliance for Growth in the Economy (WAGE)

* 0.0-1.5 points - Microsoft Information Technology Certificate

* 0.0-2.0 points - Other Educational, Employability, Certification, etc. activity approved

* 2.0-3.0 points - General Educational Development Credentials

* 1.0-2.0 points - Entered Employment

* 1.0-2.0 points - Entered Postsecondary Education or Training

Programs that show a decrease in funding will receive a decrease of the difference.

Programs that show an increase in funding will receive an increase of the difference not to exceed a ceiling of $950,000. Any program(s) exceeding the state funding ceiling are grandfathered at that level with no additional state funding gain.

The following reflects calculation possibilities with the proposed rule:

The total dollar amount available in state funding is divided in the following manner:

20% for Student Contact Hours and 80% for Program Performance

20% = $3,650,000/ 3 year contact hour average = $ per hour

80% = $14,603,000/ 3 year point average = $ per point

The contact hour and performance point calculations per program generate the funding for each funded adult education program for the fiscal year starting July 1 through June 30.


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