RULE 184.00.04-002 - 224-25-5-10 - Complaints & Investigations

RULE 184.00.04-002. 224-25-5-10 - Complaints & Investigations

(a) The purpose of the complaints procedure is to effectively deal with issues affecting the licensure of licensees. The complaints procedure is not intended to function as a dispute resolution process or a code enforcement process. Any complaint registered with the Committee of alleged violations must be submitted in writing with proper information to identify job site, owner if possible, any name and phone numbers of individuals and any other information that may tend to be useful in the investigation. The Complainant must furnish his/their name, address and phone number in order to obtain any other information that may be necessary for proper investigation. A written response will be made to a Complainant when investigation is closed.

(b) A contractor who is licensed shall cooperate with any investigation and provide the Committee or the Contractors Licensing Board with all relevant information requested by the Committee or Board. The failure to cooperate or to timely provide the Committee or Board with relevant information as requested may constitute misconduct in the conduct of the contractors business and may subject the contractor to the revocation of the contractors license.

(c) The Committee may delegate to the administrator/investigator the authority to obtain licensee compliance as may be necessary. The administrator/investigator will conduct all investigations in such a manner that would be complimentary to the Licensing Law for Residential Builders.

(d) Any application being denied because of a violation of Ark. Code Ann. ยง 17-25-101 through 17-25-513 may become invalid and a new application must be submitted.


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