Sec. 4020.6 - Application. Exhibits

ยง 4020.6. Application. Exhibits

The Application shall contain the following exhibits, as needed:

(a) Attach as Exhibit A for a Planning Grant or an Implementation Grant request, the relevant planning document.) Attach as Exhibit B either:

(1) A copy of the executed Federal Assistance contract between the Applicant and the Federal Funding agency, or

(2) A copy of the Federal Assistance application, or

(3) A copy of the previously submitted preliminary Federal Assistance application along with a letter from the Federal Funding agency indicating support of the preliminary application and requesting the Applicant to submit a complete application.

(c) Attach as Exhibit C a resolution adopted by the governing body of the Applicant authorizing the Applicant to submit the Application to the Agency and specifying a person authorized to execute the Grant contract and any and all amendments or revisions thereto, "Authorized Representative".

(d) Attach as Exhibit D both a description of the organizational structure for administering the Grant and managing the proposed project, and the resume and/or job description of the person who will administer the project.

(e) Attach as Exhibit E a detailed scope-of work for the activities to be funded by the Grant.

(f) Attach as Exhibit F a budget describing the Applicant's cash, in-kind and total sources of funds for the proposed project, and the uses of funds divided into federal, other state, and other funding sources. Include the following line items: personnel (salary and fringe), travel, supplies, postage, printing, contractual, other (specify), total direct charges, total indirect charges and total authorized budget.

(g) Attach as Exhibit G duty statements and position descriptions for any positions to be paid for by the Grant.

(h) Attach as Exhibit H copies of any and all consultant contracts or personal service agreements negotiated or under negotiation as part of the proposed project.

(i) Attach as Exhibit I a timeline identifying the tasks to be undertaken as part of the scope-of-work and their anticipated completion dates in relation to the initiation of the proposed project.

(j) Attach as Exhibit J as declaration from Applicant's budget or chief administrative officer certifying that other sources of funds are not available.

(k) Attach as Exhibit K a certificate signed and dated by the Authorized Representative described above in subsection (c) stating the following: "I hereby certify that the information provided in this Application is correct and represents the intended use of all sources of funds identified in the Application, and that I will inform the California Trade and Commerce Agency within ten (10) days of any changes in the funding proposal."

(1. New section filed 6-18-99; operative 7-18-99 (Register 99, No. 25).)

Note: Authority cited: Section 15330, Government Code. Reference: Section 15332, Government Code.

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