Sec. 4083.2 - Eligible Application

ยง 4083.2. Eligible Application

An eligible Application is one that meets all of the following requirements:

(a) It is submitted by an eligible Applicant, as defined in Section 4083(b).

(b) The Application is received by the deadline specified in the Solicitation as provided in section 4083.1(a).

(c) The Application addresses Base Retention programs within the Applicant's jurisdiction.

(d) The Applicant has not been previously awarded two (2) or more Defense Retention Grants.

(e) The amount of Grant funds requested is at least ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

(f) At least fifty percent (50%) of the total project cost of developing the Base Retention strategy described in the Application is provided by sources other than the California Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency, as identified in the budget form described in section 4083.5(d).

(1. New section filed 2-7-2001 as an emergency; operative 2-7-2001 (Register 2001, No. 6). Pursuant to Government Code section 15346.12, a Certificate of Compliance must be transmitted to OAL by 8-6-2001 or emergency language will be repealed by operation of law on the following day. 2. Certificate of Compliance as to 2-7-2001 order, including amendment of section, transmitted to OAL 7-25-2001 and filed 8-17-2001 (Register 2001, No. 33).)

Note: Authority cited: Sections 15346.10 and 15346.12, Government Code. Reference: Sections 15346, 15346.1, 15346.10 and 15346.12, Government Code.

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