Cal. Code Regs. Tit. 13, § 15.01 - Acceptable Proof of California Residency

Current through Register 2022 Notice Reg. No. 16, April 25, 2022

Except as otherwise provided by law, the department may not issue a driver's license or identification card to any person unless the person presents to the department proof of their legal presence, as specified in Section 15.00 of this Article, and proof of California residency.

(a) An applicant for a driver's license or identification card under Section 15.00 shall submit one document from subsection (d) that contains the applicant's residence address. With the exception of documents listed in subsections (d)(19) through (d)(21), the document must list the applicant's first and last name and the California residence address must match the residence address as listed on the driver's license or identification card application. If the applicant includes a separate mailing address on the driver's license or identification card application, the address on the document must match the mailing address included on the application.
(b) Notwithstanding subsection (a), a parent, legal guardian, or child may use a birth certificate and a spouse or domestic partner may use a marriage license or domestic partner registration certificate to trace their relationship to the individual to whom a residency document listed in subsection (d) has been addressed.
(c) Notwithstanding subsection (a), a minor may use one of the following forms approved and issued by the California Department of Social Services and executed by an agency administering foster care duties to trace the applicant's relationship to the individual to whom a residency document listed in subsection (d) has been addressed:
(1) Agency - Group Home Agreement (Form SOC 154),
(2) Placement Agency - Foster Family Agency Agreement - Child Placed By Agency In Foster Family Agency (Form SOC 154A), or
(3) Agency - Foster Parents Agreement - Child Placed by Agency in Foster Home (Form SOC 156).
(d) An acceptable residency document is:
(1) Rental or lease agreement with the signature of the owner/landlord and the tenant/resident.
(2) Deed or title to residential real property.
(3) Mortgage bill.
(4) Home utility bill including cellular phone bill.
(5) School document, as defined in Section 16.06(a)(1).
(6) Medical document.
(7) Employment document.
(8) Faith based document that includes the name and address of the issuing organization.
(9) Insurance document, including medical, dental, vision, life, home, rental, and vehicle.
(10) Internal Revenue Service or California Franchise Tax Board tax returns.
(11) California Certificate of Vehicle or Vessel Titles or registration.
(12) Change of Address Confirmation by the United States Postal Service (Form CNL 107).
(13) Document issued by a government, as defined in Section 16.02(b).
(14) A property tax bill or statement.
(15) Record of a financial institution, as defined in Section 16.10(c)(16).
(16) Voter registration confirmation letter or postcard issued by the California Secretary of State or a local California county elections officer.
(17) Proof of payment of resident tuition at a public institution of higher education located in California.
(18) An original copy of an approved homeowner's tax exemption (Form BOE-266) filed with a local California County Assessor.
(19) Court documents that list the applicant as a resident of California.
(20) A letter, on letterhead from a homeless shelter, a shelter for abused women, a nonprofit entity, a faith based organization, an employer, or a government within the United States attesting that the applicant resides in California.
(21) A DMV form DL 933, completed and signed in compliance with Section 15.08.
(e) The department may determine additional documents that will assist in verifying an applicant's true California residence address on a case by case basis.


Cal. Code Regs. Tit. 13, § 15.01

Note: Authority cited: Sections 1651 and 12801.5, Vehicle Code. Reference: Sections 12505, 12509, 12509.5, 12513, 12801.5, 12801.6, 12801.9, 13000 and 13001, Vehicle Code.

1. New section filed 2-16-2017; operative 4-1-2017 (Register 2017, No. 7). For prior history, see Register 2016, No. 28.
2. Amendment filed 12-22-2017; operative 12-22-2017 pursuant to Government Code section 11343.4(b)(3) (Register 2017, No. 51).

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