Sec. 11110 - Subcontracting Prohibited with Ineligible Entities

ยง 11110. Subcontracting Prohibited with Ineligible Entities

(a) OCP shall establish and maintain a list of decertified contractors, which shall be updated monthly and published in the first California Notice Register published each month.

(b) No contractor with the State of California shall, during the performance of any contract with the State, enter into any subcontract with any person listed on OCP's list of decertified contractors during the month in which the bid is submitted.

(c) Subcontracting with a decertified contractor in violation of the provisions of this section may constitute a material breach of the contract and may result in the imposition of sanctions against the contractor, including but not limited to cancellation, termination, or suspension of the contract, in whole or in part by the awarding agency, or decertification by the DFEH. Specific knowledge of the unlawfulness of the subcontract is not required to establish a breach, but will be considered by OCP and the contract awarding agency in their determination of the appropriate sanctions.

(1. Change without regulatory effect renumbering former section 8114 to new section 11110 and amending section filed 10-3-2013 pursuant to section 100, title 1, California Code of Regulations (Register 2013, No. 40).)

Note: Authority cited: Sections 12935(a) and 12990(d), Government Code. Reference: Section 12990, Government Code.

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