Sec. 21001.3 - Limited Partnership Names

ยง 21001.3. Limited Partnership Names

(a) Except as authorized by California Corporations Code sections 15901.08(e) and 15901.09 a proposed LP name must be distinguishable in the records of the Secretary of State from that of an existing LP name.

(b) The Secretary of State shall not file a document or grant a name reservation that sets forth a proposed LP name that is likely to mislead the public.

(1. New section filed 11-19-2013; operative 1-1-2014 (Register 2013, No. 47). 2. Amendment filed 1-21-2021; operative 1-21-2021 pursuant to Government Code section 11343.4(b)(3) (Register 2021, No. 4).)

Note: Authority cited: Sections 8, 15901.08, 15901.09 and 15909.02, Corporations Code. Reference: Sections 8, 15901.02, 15901.08, 15901.09, 15909.02 and 15909.05, Corporations Code.

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