Sec. 60832 - Training of Panel Members

ยง 60832. Training of Panel Members

Prior to any member of the panel performing the duties of a panel member, the State Auditor's Office shall provide the panel member with training in preparation for the performance of those duties. The training shall include, but not necessarily be limited to, all of the following subjects:

(a) The requirements for conducting a public meeting, including, but not limited to, the requirements imposed by the Bagley-Keene Opening Meeting Act (commencing with section 11120 of the Government Code).

(b) The duties of the panel as described in the Voters FIRST Act and the regulations implementing its provisions.

(c) California's diverse demographics and geography.

(d) The responsibilities of the Commission as set forth in the Voters FIRST Act, the United States Constitution and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 (commencing with section 1971 of title 42 of the United States Code).

(e) The process for performing redistricting, including, but not limited to, the use of computer software to draw district lines.

(1. New section filed 11-5-2009; operative 11-6-2009 pursuant to Government Code section 11343.4 (Register 2009, No. 45). 2. Change without regulatory effect amending first paragraph and adding Note filed 1-7-2019 pursuant to section 100, title 1, California Code of Regulations (Register 2019, No. 2).)

Note: Authority cited: Section 8546, Government Code. Reference: Section 2, Article XXI, California Constitution; and Section 8252, Government Code.

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