Sec. 93045 - Subpoenas

ยง 93045. Subpoenas

(a) Application for subpoenas may be filed in writing by any party with the Supervisor if made prior to the hearing, and with the hearing officer if made at the hearing. The Supervisor or the hearing officer shall forthwith cause the subpoenas to be issued. Applications for subpoenas may be made ex parte. Any person served with a subpoena, whether ad testificandum or duces tecum, who does not intend to comply therewith shall within five days after the date of service file with the hearing officer a petition to revoke the subpoena. Notice of the filing of a petition to revoke shall be promptly given by the hearing officer to the party at whose request the subpoena was issued. The hearing officer shall revoke a subpoena if in his or her opinion the evidence sought does not relate to any matter under investigation or in question in the proceedings, is not relevant, or the subpoena does not describe with sufficient particularity the evidence requested, or if for any other reason the subpoena is otherwise invalid. The hearing officer shall make a statement in writing or on the record of the procedural or other grounds for this ruling. Filing with reference to the revocation of a subpoena shall not become part of the record except upon the request of the party aggrieved by the ruling on the petition. Persons compelled to produce written evidence are entitled to retain the same, but the party compelling its production may pay the cost of procuring a copy thereof to be submitted in evidence in lieu of the original.

(b) Witnesses summoned before the hearing officer shall be paid by the party for whom the witness appears.

(1. Renumbering of former section 15845 to new section 93045, including amendment of section and Note, filed 3-18-2013; operative 7-1-2013 (Register 2013, No. 12).)

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