Sec. 93055 - Duties of Hearing Officer Following Hearing

ยง 93055. Duties of Hearing Officer Following Hearing

Upon the close of a hearing, the hearing officer shall as expeditiously as possible prepare a proposed decision and order which shall include a written analysis of the record and of the arguments of the parties, findings of fact and a determination upon the issues submitted to the hearing officer. If the hearing officer determines that an election is to be held, the hearing officer shall set forth the appropriate unit or units within which such election(s) shall be held and the categories of employees who shall be eligible to vote in such unit or units. The original of such proposed decision and order, together with the petition or petitions, notices of hearing, written motions, rulings or orders, the transcript of the hearing, stipulations, exhibits and documentary evidence, affidavits of service, depositions, and briefs or other legal memoranda submitted by the parties - shall constitute the record in the proceedings and shall promptly be forwarded to the Supervisor by the hearing officer. The decision of the hearing officer shall be final if not applealed as set forth in Section 93060. A copy of the proposed decision and order shall concurrently be served upon each of the parties by the hearing officer.

(1. Renumbering of former section 15855 to new section 93055, including amendment of section and Note, filed 3-18-2013; operative 7-1-2013 (Register 2013, No. 12).)

Note: Authority cited: Sections 3541.3(g) and 3603, Government Code; and Sections 30751, 40122, 70122, 90300, 98162.5, 100301,101344, 102403, 103401, 120505 and 125521, Appendix 1, Section 4.4, and Appendix 2, Section 13.91, Public Utilities Code. Reference: Sections 4.4, 13.91,25052, 28851, 30751, 40122, 50121, 70122, 90300, 95651, 98162.5, 100301, 101344, 102403, 103401, 120505 and 125521, Public Utilities Code. Additional reference: Labor Management Relations Act, 1947, Section 9, 29 USC Section 159; 29 CFR Sections 102.60 -102.72.

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