Sec. 93075 - Runoff Elections

ยง 93075. Runoff Elections

(a) SMCS shall conduct a runoff election when an election in which a ballot providing for not less than three choices (i.e., at least two representatives and "neither" or "none") results in no choice receiving a majority of the valid ballots cast. The runoff election shall be held promptly following final disposition of any challenges, objections or exceptions which followed the prior election as provided in Section 93070. Only one runoff election shall be held pursuant to this section.

(b) Employees who were eligible to vote in the original election and who are employed in an eligible category on the date of the runoff election shall be the only employees eligible to vote.

(c) The ballot in the runoff election shall provide for a selection between the two choices receiving the highest and second highest number of votes.

(d) In the event the number of votes cast in an inconclusive election in which the ballot provided for a choice among two or more representatives and "neither" or "none" is equally divided among the several choices, or in the event the number of ballots cast for one choice in such election is equal to the number cast for another of the choices but less than the number cast for the third choice, the Supervisor shall declare the first election a nullity and shall conduct another election among the three choices which received the greatest number of ballots in the original election; provided that in the event there was a tie in the original election between the third and fourth choices or among the third, fourth and other choices, the Supervisor shall in the runoff election include on the ballot all such tied choices. In the event two or more choices receive the same number of ballots, and if either (1) there are no challenged ballots which would affect the results of the election, or (2) after all challenges have been disposed of it is found that all eligible voters have cast valid ballots, there shall be no runoff election and the petition shall be dismissed. Only one such further election pursuant to this subsection (d) may be held.

(e) The provisions of Section 93070 above shall be applicable to a runoff election.

(1. Renumbering of former section 15875 to new section 93075, including amendment of section and Note, filed 3-18-2013; operative 7-1-2013 (Register 2013, No. 12).)

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