2. § 10 CCR 2505-10-8.415.21

Current through Register Vol. 44, No. 18, September 25, 2021


The County Department of Social/Human Services shall be responsible for the following in all nursing facility placements involving either clients of medical assistance or applicants for assistance:

A. The determination of existing or potential eligibility for medical assistance.
B. The referral, whenever possible, of all Medicaid eligible clients/applicants who are eligible for Medicare benefits to facilities certified for participation in the Medicare Program.
C. In those instances in which an individual residing in a nursing facility under some method of reimbursement other than Medicaid makes application for medical assistance, the county must provide notice of the application referral date to both the nursing facility and the Utilization Review Contractor.
1. Such notice must be provided verbally to both the facility and the Utilization Review Contractor within two (2) working days of the application referral date.
2. Written notice must be mailed to the facility within five (5) working days.
3. Such notice is critical to the timely conduct of admission review by the Utilization Review Contractor.
D. In those instances where eligibility is determined to be effective three months prior to the date of application pursuant to Department rules and regulations, the County Department of Social/Human Services shall notify the nursing facility of this circumstance in writing.

This should be written in the area reserved for comments in Section VI(5) of the Form AP-5615. Similar verbal or written notice must be given or mailed to the Utilization Review Contractor, utilizing a format as determined by the Department.

.11 The Form AP-5615 is intended as a method for communicating the status of a resident or applicant, or actions which change that status, between nursing facility, the County Department of Social/Human Services, and the Department. Examples of such actions are admission, discharge, readmission, death or changes in resident income. Failure to complete the AP-5615, or to properly verify information reported thereon in a timely fashion, results in inappropriate reimbursement to nursing facilities, inequitable assistance payments, and the loss of documentation necessary for Department field audit staff. Upon receipt of Form AP-5615, the County Department of Social/Human Services shall be responsible for the following.
A. Verify, correct, and complete, when necessary, the client/applicant's name, State ID number, and all other identifying data:
B. Verify client/applicant income. Such verification must occur on a regular basis. All income of the client which is in excess of the amount reserved for personal needs allowance, less earned income (if appropriate), less spousal and dependent care allowance, and less home maintenance allowance, and less allowable expenses for medical and remedial care (see PETI deductions as defined in 10 CCR 2505-10 sections 8.100.7.T and 8.482.33), must be applied by the client/applicant toward his/her care. Changes in income must be reflected in submission of a new eligibility reporting form and a new AP-5615.
C. Verify client payment. This amount must be calculated by per diem appropriately in all months for which Medicaid reimbursement covers less than a full month's care.
1. Client payment may be waived and zero (-0-) client payment applied only under the conditions as defined in 10 CCR 2505-10 section 8.482.34.D.1.
2. Client payment may not be waived (other than for the exceptions provided for in 10 CCR 2505-10 section 8.415.11.C.1), in the instances as defined in 10 CCR 2505-10 section 8.482.34.D.2.
3. When client payment is calculated by per diem, the amount shown on the AP-5615 will be that amount to be paid by the resident, rather than the amount to be calculated by per diem calculation.
4. Corrections to income or client payment shall be initialed and dated by the income maintenance technician from the County Department of Social/Human Services.
D. Review the date of action, such as admission, readmission, discharge, death, or change in client payment being reported and verify as necessary;
E. Indicate approval or denial of action being reported and effective date of that approval or denial; and
F. Sign and date all copies, and distribute in accordance with instructions on the reverse side of page three of the AP-5615 form.


38 CR 07, April 10, 2015, effective 5/1/2015

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