30-2201 - Definitions of words used in roulette

(1) American Wheel: Thirty-eight or thirty-nine (38 or 39) compartments containing the numbers one through thirty-six (1-36), a zero (0), double zero (00) and/or triple zero (000).
(2) Compartment or slots on the roulette wheel: Where the roulette ball will land to decide the outcome of the bet. The numbers of the roulette wheel are numbered from 1 to 36, alternating between red and black. Zero, double zero and triple zero are green.
(3) Crown or dolly: point marker used by the dealer to mark the corresponding number on the roulette layout, or electronic betting terminal (EBT), where the roulette ball has come to rest.
(4) Croupier or Dealer: Person in charge of the roulette game for the retail licensee. This person handles the wagers and pay outs and spins the roulette wheel.
(5) European, French or High Limit Wheel: 37 compartments containing the numbers one through thirty-six (1-36) and one zero (0).
(6) Inside bets:
(a) One number (straight bet).
(b) Two numbers (split bet).
(c) Three numbers (street bet).
(d) Four numbers (corner bet).
(e) First five numbers.
(f) Six numbers (line bet).
(7) No More Bets: Dealer states that "no more bets" will be accepted on the roulette layout. Dealer also waves one hand over the layout prior to the roulette ball coming to rest in a compartment on the wheel. A roulette table that utilizes EBTs must have an automated audible and visual announcement by the player terminals.
(8) No Spin: Dealer states "no spin" because of an irregularity.
(9) Non-value chips: Chips of different colors that have no value amount imprinted on them. Value of these chips is set by the player, before any betting takes place on the roulette layout or EBT. Each player receives chips, or electronic chips, of a different color, thus eliminating possible confusion of who bets.
(10) Outside Bets:
(a) Twelve numbers (column bet).
(b) Twelve numbers (dozen bet).
(c) Red or black.
(d) Even or odd.
(e) Low or high numbers.


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