Sec. 14-298-600 - Uniformity

ยง 14-298-600. Uniformity

(a) All markings on public highways, in parking lots having a capacity of 20 or more vehicles, and in commercial establishments shall be of the type approved by the Office of the State Traffic Administration and shall be in compliance with the provisions set forth in 23 CFR 655.603.

(b) Such markings shall conform to the standards set forth in the following publications as applicable, except as otherwise provided in sections 14-298-500 to 14-298-900 inclusive of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies:

(1) The 2009 edition of the "Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways" (MUTCD) approved by the Federal Highway Administration; and

(2) The 2004 edition of the "Standard Highway Signs" approved by the Federal Highway Administration;

(c) The decision to use a particular marking at a particular location shall be made on the basis of either an engineering study or the application of engineering judgment as defined in the MUTCD.

(d) Engineering judgment shall be exercised in the selection and application of all traffic control devices.

(Effective November 3, 1982; Amended January 14, 2013)

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