Sec. 21a-342-2 - Warning label concerning small parts

ยง 21a-342-2. Warning label concerning small parts

(a) Scope. This section establishes the standards for the warning label that is required by Section 21a-337(10) of the State Child Protection Act. Toys or other articles which are exempted by 16 CFR 1501.3 and paper, fabric, yarn, fuzz, elastic and string are exempted from the provisions of this section.

(b) Content. The warning label shall contain:

(1) the signal word "Warning"; and

(2) a statement of hazard that warns that the contents include small parts which pose a hazard for children under the age of three.

(c) Conspicuousness. The warning label shall be printed as follows:

(1) The warning label shall appear in conspicuous and legible type which is in contrast by typography, layout or color with the other printed matter on the packaging material;

(2) the type size of the warning label shall comply with the requirements of 16 CFR 1500.121(c) (2); and

(3) the warning label shall not appear on the bottom or back panel of the packaging material. The bottom or back panel shall be determined by the manufacturer's intended display position of the product for retail sale.

(d) Unpackaged Toys and Articles. The warning label for toys or other articles which are unpackaged, such as items sold in bulk or by vending machine, and which are too small to have a warning label attached to the item, shall be placed on the container from which the items are sold or the vending machine displaying the toy or article.

(Effective May 21, 1993)

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