Sec. 31-222-1 - Agricultural labor

ยง 31-222-1. Agricultural labor

The term "agricultural labor", within the meaning of section 31-222 of the general statutes, includes all services performed (1) By an employee, on a farm, in connection with the cultivation of the soil, the harvesting of crops, or the management of livestock, bees and poultry; or (2) by an employee in connection with the processing of articles from materials which were produced on a farm; also the packing, packaging, transportation, or marketing of those materials or articles. Such services do not constitute "agricultural labor," however, unless they are performed by an employee of the owner or tenant of the farm on which the materials in their raw or natural state were produced, and unless such processing, packing, packaging, transportation or marketing is carried on as an incident to ordinary farming operations as distinguished from manufacturing or commercial operations. As used herein, the term "farm" embraces the farm in the ordinarily accepted sense, and includes stock, dairy, poultry, fruit and truck farms, plantations and orchards. Lumbering and the cutting of wood for sale are not included within the exception unless carried on as an incident to ordinary farming operations.

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