Conn. Agencies Regs. § 31-222-4 - Method of estimating cash value of board and room

Wages are defined in section 31-222(b) of the general statutes as "all remuneration for employment, including the cash value of all remuneration paid in any medium other than cash." If board and/or lodging are given as part of the contract of hire, the administrator may determine in individual cases the cash value of such board and lodging for the purpose of computing wages of such employee. Where a cash value for board and lodging furnished an employee is agreed upon in any contract of hire, the amount so agreed upon shall, if more than the rates prescribed herein, as deemed the value of such board and lodging. Otherwise, until and unless in a given case a rate for board and lodging is determined by the administrator, board and lodging which form any part of the employee's contract of hire shall be included for the purpose of computing his wages at the maximum established by the minimum wage regulations currently in force and as, from time to time, amended. These regulations* provide the following maximum cash values:

Full meal

$ .60

Light meal


Lodging-single room, per week


per day


Lodging-shared room, per week


per day


A full meal shall provide to the employee a variety of wholesome nutritious food and shall include adequate portions of at least one of the types of food from four of the following groups: (1) Fruit juice or soup; (2) fruit or vegetables; (3) bread, cereal or potatoes; (4) eggs, meat, fish (or a recognized substitute); (5) beverage; (6) dessert. A light meal shall be a meal which does not meet the qualifications of a full meal as herein defined but does provide to the employee adequate portions of wholesome nutritious food, and does include one of the types of food from at least three of the following groups: (1) Fruit, fruit juice, soup; (2) cereal, bread (or a recognized substitute); (3) eggs, meat, fish, including sandwiches made thereof (or a recognized substitute); (4) dessert; (5) beverage. Where lodging consisting of more than one room is provided, the administrator shall establish a reasonable value for such lodging.

* See minimum wage regulation 31-60-3.

Conn. Agencies Regs. § 31-222-4


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