Sec. 31-3s-1 - Definitions

ยง 31-3s-1. Definitions

For purposes of Sections 31-3s-1 through 31-3s-8, inclusive, of the Regulations of Connecticut State Agencies, the following definitions apply:

(a) "Commissioner" means the Labor Commissioner, whose mailing address is Connecticut Department of Labor, 200 Folly Brook Boulevard, Wethersfield, CT 06109, or his designee.

(b) "Employable" means one who (1) is between the ages of 16 and 65, (2) has no documented physical or mental impairment (or who has an impairment expected to last less than six months as determined by the Department of Income Maintenance Commissioner), which would prohibit him/her from working or participating in an education, training, or other work readiness program, (3) is required to register with the Department of Labor pursuant to Section 17-273b of the General Statutes, (4) is not a full-time high school student, (5) is not pending receipt of Supplemental Security Income, Social Security income, or financial assistance through another program administered by the Department of Income Maintenance, and (6) is not needed to care for a child under two years of age or an incapacitated child or spouse.

(c) "Employer" means: (1) any corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, or other entity in either the private or public sector, including any municipality or the State of Connecticut, which employs one or more employees in the State of Connecticut and is registered with the Connecticut Department of Labor for purposes of liability for unemployment compensation contributions under Section 31-223 of the General Statutes, or (2) a religious, charitable, educational, or other organization for whom services are excluded under the definition of "employment" contained in subsection (a) of section 31-222 of the general statutes.

(d) "Employment" means service performed under an express or implied contract of hire creating the relationship of employer and employee, and which constitutes employment for the purposes of federal and state law.

(e) "Full-time" means employment for the number of hours which prevail for the industry or employment sector in which the work is performed.

(f) "Job Center" means the Connecticut Department of Labor office which administers unemployment compensation and a public employment bureau for a given labor market area of the state.

(g) "Job ready" means one who is able and available for work, meets the educational and skill demands of the local labor market, and is not subject to any extraneous conditions (e.g. language barriers, child care, lack of transportation) which would significantly restrict an individual's ability to accept full-time employment.

(h) "Nonprofit employer" means an organization exempt from federal taxation under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

(i) "Participant" means a General Assistance recipient deemed eligible for participation in the Department of Labor's Subsidized Transitional Employment Program (S.T.E.P.).

(j) "Program" means the Department of Labor's Subsidized Transitional Employment Program (S.T.E.P.).

(Effective March 30, 1993)

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