Sec. 31-40v-2 - Definitions

ยง 31-40v-2. Definitions

For the purpose of sections 31-40v-1 through 31-40v-11, inclusive:

(a) "Average incidence rate" means the average incidence rate of work-related injury and illness for all industries in this state as determined by the Department of Labor.

(b) "Chairman" means the chairman of the Connecticut Workers' Compensation Commission or his designated agent.

(c) "Employee" means a person engaged in service to an employer in a business of his employer.

(d) "Employer" means a person engaged in business who has employees, including the State of Connecticut and any political subdivision thereof.

(e) "Managerial member" means any individual who has the authority to use his judgment in the interest of the employer to hire, transfer, suspend, lay off, recall, promote, discharge, assign, reward or discipline other employees, or responsibility to direct them, or to adjust their grievances or effectively to recommend such actions.

(Adopted effective May 22, 1995)

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