Sec. 31-40v-3 - Establishment of committees

ยง 31-40v-3. Establishment of committees

(a) Except as provided in subsection (e) of section 31-40v-4 and section 31-40v-10 of these regulations, each employer who has twenty-five or more employees at any single work site in this state, as well as each employer who has twenty-four or less employees in this state whose rate of work-related injury and illness exceeds the average incidence rate, shall establish and administer a safety and health committee for that work site.

(b) In determining employment levels under sections 31-40v-1 to 31-40v-11, inclusive, of these regulations, the employer shall count all regular employees excluding temporary and seasonal workers under the employer's direction and control.

(Adopted effective May 22, 1995)

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