Sec. 31-40v-4 - Committee membership and composition

ยง 31-40v-4. Committee membership and composition

(a) The committee shall be composed of at least as many employee members as employer members. The number of employee members on the committee may be greater than the number of employer members.

(b) The employer's non-managerial employees shall select employee safety and health members.

(c) Each committee shall have a chairperson elected by the committee members. Employer and employee members may have rotating responsibilities for chairing committee meetings.

(d) Reasonable efforts shall be made to ensure that committee members are representative of the major work activities at the work site.

(e) An employer need not provide a safety and health committee where the employees do not primarily report to or work at a fixed location and at work sites where less than 25 employees are employed. In such situations, a single centralized committee may represent the safety and health concerns of covered employees.

(Adopted effective May 22, 1995)

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