Sec. 31-51x-1 - Definitions

ยง 31-51x-1. Definitions

(a) "Commissioner" means the Labor Commissioner of the State of Connecticut whose mailing address is 200 Folly Brook Boulevard, Wethersfield, Connecticut 06109, or his designee.

(b) "Labor Department" means the State of Connecticut Labor Department.

(c) "Employee" means any individual currently employed or formerly employed by an employer and includes any individual in a managerial position.

(d) "Employer" means any individual, corporation, partnership or unincorporated association, excluding the state or any political subdivision thereof.

(e) "High-risk or Safety-sensitive occupation" means an occupation which,

(1) presents a clearly significant life threatening danger to the employee so occupied, his fellow employees, or the general public and is performed in a manner or place inherent with or inseparable from such danger, and

(2) requires the exercise of discriminating judgment or high degree of care and caution, and


(Effective October 23, 1989)

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